Office Furniture Designed By Bouroullec Brothers Will Make You Remember Home

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are French designers who recently made a furniture line for the company Vitra with a goal of giving the office a homely ambiance.

The furniture range is called Cyl and it is comprised of collection of sofas and tables. These products were all revealed during the Orgatee trade show which was held in Cologne. All of the furniture under the Cyl line are made of solid wood and carries a minimalistic and natural look.

The look that Cyl carries can be attributed to the history of the furniture design which was originally created to be products meant for the home.

According to Ronan Bouroullec, the product range under Cyl was originally created with the thought of home in mind to serve as table programme. Eventually, they decided that it has more potential to be made into a system that contains wider range of typologies. They considered it an important enlightenment when they finally realized that the domestic qualities it contains is an interesting addition to the plain office landscape.

Ronan Bouroullec added that the office world often requires clarity and it is something the Cyl can provide along with bringing a welcoming ambiance into the work area.

The Cyl product line was presented along with other conceptual projects that are under the installation of Vistra in the event held in Orgatee. All of these projects are exploring the possibilities in an office setting. Vitra said in a statement that it is considering including Cyl furniture as part of their standard products.

During the design process, the Bouroullec brothers decided to skip the modern integrated power solution that most office furniture have and went to create furniture with domestic touch. Vitra refers to the design as intentionally analogue.

The office furniture comes with cylindrical legs which can be stacked higher in case additional shelves are needed and to have more storage space. Emphasis was given on the tabletops and joints with the contrast created by the finishing which is black against natural wood. Optional screens can be installed on the tables for workers who want to have added privacy while working.