Perth As The 7th Most Livable State In The World On The Basis Of Healthcare And Infrastructure

Perth is known for the beauty of its beaches and its climate but these are not reasons why Perth is the 7th of the most livable states in the world. According to Economist Intelligence Unit, Perth has scored 100 in both healthcare system and infrastructure provisions meaning that on both measures, Perth is considered ideal. It also scored perfect on education although on the basis of culture and environment, the remote capital only gained a rating of 88.7 out of 100.

According to Premier Colin Barnett, the state’s tourism manager, Perth is a combination of a relaxed lifestyle with its clear skies, fresh air and beautiful beaches and modern living. There are however criticisms over the traffic in Perth and the teething issues at its Fiona Stanley Hospital but nowhere in Australia will you find the kind of healthcare and education standards that Perth boasts off.

If you are interested on the scores of other states, Melbourne is on top of the list of the overall index this year with 97.5 out of 100 because of its perfect scores in infrastructure, education and health. Compared to other cities in the top ten, Australian cities have fared marginally poorer on the stability matrix of crime and terror. However, its score of 95 out of 100 is a lot better than most of the world’s cities like Germany.

At the bottom of the rankings of 140 cities are places in conflict areas with political issues like Damascus in Syria, Tripoli in Libya and Lagos in Nigeria. On the other hand, Sydney has also fallen four places because of heightened threats of terrorism. Sydney is no longer included in the top 10 most livable cities in the world. The 10th place was given to Hamburg in Germany. Meanwhile, other German cities have also declined in stability.

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