Phuket’s Top White Sand Beaches

Summer time is the best time to go to the beach and when it comes to beaches in Thailand, people would immediately think of the island paradise Phuket. This is because the beaches found on the island stands out among the rest. With its white sand and crystal, green water, one could not deny the pleasure of indulging in a summer vacation in Phuket. Those who are more adventurous prefer to book a boat charter in Phuket in order to see more of its beautiful waters. Here are the top five based on popular votes.

First on the list is the Bangtao Beach which boasts five miles of endless white sand. It is one of the well-known beaches in the area. Thanks to the long stretch of white sand, it does not feel very crowded no matter how many comes to visit daily. Visitors can try kayaking and paddle boarding for water sports. Sunbathing is also a common activity among foreign tourists.

Banana Beach is also another popular beach in Phuket but recently it was awarded with the best beach title in the world by the CEO World Magazine. There is a small cove covered with white sands while towering palm trees can be enjoyed along with crystal clear waters.

Surin Beach might be slim but it has gained the attention of many travellers. During the high season, the water is not only glass but very calm therefore it is perfect for snorkelling. It is also the perfect place to watch sunset by the beach with the people you love.

Mai Khao is not as accessible as other beaches but it is worth the hassle. The golden beach spans seven miles and covered with yellow sand. It is the best place to reconnect with nature. During the high seasons, the beach is considered a safe place to swim but caution must be taken as there are drop-offs.

Coral and Racha Islands is located in the southern part of Phuket. It is the best place to discover a few small islands covered with white sands soft as a baby. There are also boat charter in Phuket visiting because its coral reefs and the presence of many dive sites.