Printing Services For Online Design Customization

The most recent addition to the services provided by Amazon is the Merch which makes it possible for standalone designers and starting businesses to submit their logos and different designs which can be imprinted on T-shirts. Amazon will then be responsible for selling it to their customers and designers will get a share for every sales profit made without having to invest any amount at all. This service may be new for Amazon but it is not the first on the world web as there are other websites that cater to this. If Amazon is not something you want to try out or if you are interested in other sites as well then here is a list of other online services.

  • CustomInk. This website is perfect for beginners or those without background as professional designers because the website is easy to navigate and use. There are different types of apparel available on the website catalog where customers can add their own custom text or basic design. If desired, these designs can then be used by other people as long as they access the website.
  • CafePress. This online shop has a variety of products that can be chosen as the background where designs can be added from logos, images to complicate design elements. The designer has the option to purchase what they have made or sell them using their CafePress account. The share of the profit will depend on two things – the number of items sold as well as the quality of the design.
  • Zazzle. This site gives the users opportunity to earn royalties by adding their very own images and designs into products such as posters and t-shirts. If users have goods that can be order from them directly then the website also allocated another separate platform for this.
  • Society6. This site is more catered to those who have background in design and are professional artists. The company serves as a medium that makes and delivers the products which are designed by the artists. If you are planning on more choice of products to be customized, this platform is the perfect choice.

All of these sites operate almost in the same manner with the help of product designer software. With the development in technology, things like this and many more are expected to surface in the coming years.