Promoting A Town Through Pictorial Maps

Illustrated maps are drawn by artists and illustrators like Rabinky to depict a certain territory. It can be a pictorial map of a city, state, town, campus or a business center. In the past, the pictorial maps focus on communities, culture and history. Although similar to the maps of yesteryears, today’s pictorial maps are being used as a quick solution to attract attention to a certain area.

According to Ellen Burns, pictorial maps are whimsical and not-to-scale maps that promote towns, businesses, cultural attractions and natural resources. Burns was inspired when she saw a pictorial map depicting a view of a corner store in Ridgefield from the Books on the Commons.

The bookstore is centrally located and open 24/7. An enormous number of people usually stop by the bookstore on their way to somewhere else to ask what they can see in Ridgefield, where to eat and what to visit. People are drawn to the town of Ridgefield because there are places like the Playhouse, the Aldrich and the ACT of Connecticut. The bookstore employees spent a lot of time pointing to the right direction, drawing maps by hand or searching through websites.

Burns said that the town she has visited has maps and visitor guides that will help visitors identify hotels, restaurants and local attractions. Since the town of Ridgefield has wonderful places to visit, having a map will be an enormous help.

Burns discussed her idea with two of the town’s major business organizations. She asked for their support and they agreed to sponsorships of $500 and more. The maps of other towns were artistically created and combined natural beauty with cultural and historical assets.

Burns was able to track down an artist, Bart Arnold from Lennox. Bart was oriented on the geography of the town. Pictures were taken of everything from Main Street to the side streets so that they will be incorporated in the pictorial map.

If you need a pictorial map of your town, city, business center or campus, you can contact Rabinky who is an artist and map illustrator. The map can be a non-profit venture or a marketing tool to attract visitors.