Raja Ferry Expanding Operations

For those looking to reach their villa in Koh Tao, Raja Ferry’s new business plans for 2018, which it has revealed early in January, which seeks to  expand their fleet to handle over 1.5M customers by the end of the year, in order to achieve their goal of becoming one of the top sea transport operators in the region within the next five years.

RP recently added a new ferry to their fleet, increasing the size to 14, plus started the operation of a new bus-ferry service for commuting between a villa in Koh Tao and the nearby islands, useful and convenient for the tourist hots pots. The changes are part of a plan to transform the ports into a meeting station in order to adapt to the changing lifestyles of new tourists.

Managing Director Apichart Chayopas, Raja Ferry Port Public Company Limited (RP), says that the company has enjoyed constant and consistent growth. Alongside the new transport service on the Don Sak-Koh Samui-Koh Pha Ngan route, the operator is also diversifying itself by partnering up with other figures in the area.

An example of these new moves is the opening of a service route to Koh Tao, and will be providing a new bus service under their RP Transport brand in order to offer a complete transport service for passengers travelling across the islands.

Another change, an offer for regular passengers of RP, are “Orga Cards” which reduce advance ticket booking times in for a faster and smoother travel experience. RP Ferry had 1.2M passengers in 2017, a 20% increase from 2016, with 600,000 vehicles having been carried by RP ferries across the year.

According to Chayopas, the company expects this number to go up to 1.5M in 2018, with RP to carry an additional 20,000 vehicles, with the five year projection expected to hit 2M and 800,000 respectively.

Chayopas says that the company would focus on the expanding new potential routes, particularly on the islands, known for being tourist destinations. He says that they will be increasing the number of ferries up to 20 within the next five years, which could cost approximately Bt300M.

The year of 2018 is, according to Chayopas, expected to see continued increase in tourism, transport and shipping in the area, especially from tourists from China, and RP has said that it is diversifying it services to better meet the needs of this demographic.