Residents Of Niagara Falls To Share Opinion Regarding Cannabis Private Stores

Tourism is one of the economy drivers in Niagara Falls with businesses such as Niagara Falls boat ride luring tourists into one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the world. The province is now faced with a very crucial decision regarding the approval of private cannabis stores. As of writing, the province has introduced its very own online store for cannabis products already called Ontario Cannabis Store. Through this online platform, adults can place an order of cannabis products and have them delivered right to their door.

With the opening of an online store comes the decision to allow businesses to open physical cannabis stores in the province by April of 2019. The decision though have to be agreed upon by every city and town located within Ontario. They have the power to allow or prohibit these physical stores from setting up business within the borders.

According to the city’s press release, they are gathering public opinion regarding the potential opening of local physical stores for cannabis products as well as the utilization of these products in public places including transit stops, streets, parks and sidewalks.

The municipalities are given until the 22nd of January to submit a resolution that excludes them from cannabis retail sales. If they miss the deadline, they are automatically assumed to be in approval of setting up physical cannabis stores in their city or town.

Residents of Niagara Falls are urged to submit their comments and opinions through the engagement site provided by the city which can be found at

Last December 11, the council members of the city held a public meeting where they approved a motion to ask for additional input from the public regarding the sale and the usage of cannabis products within the jurisdiction of Niagara Falls. The same issue will be discussed on their next meeting which is scheduled for the 15th of January.

Many towns and cities in Niagara are not sure whether they want to agree or disagree with this proposal. They are also concerned with tourists booking Niagara Falls boat ride because it might affect the tourism of the province.