Reverse Vending Machines To Encourage Plastic Bottle Recycling

Snacks, chocolate bars, beverages or cigarettes are available on demand through vending machines after a consumer inserts money, a credit card or a specialized card on the slot provided. The machines in public areas and recreational centres are delivered through vending machine delivery service that uses a vehicle specially designed for the purpose.

Recently, the traditional vending machine has been reconfigured for less common products or merchandise. Iceland will be the first UK supermarket to install an in-store reverse vending machine. The idea behind the reverse vending machine is to support the government’s initiative of introducing a deposit return in England.

Trial for the reverse vending machine will be undertaken by a frozen food specialist in Fulham, London for 6 months. The aim is to fully understand the perceptions and appetite of consumers for the technology. Iceland wants to scrap plastic packaging and palm oil from its own label products.

The reverse vending machine will provide consumers with an incentive for recycling. Money or vouchers will be provided when empty containers are returned. Iceland’s reverse vending machine will accept any Iceland plastic beverage bottle. The consumer will be paid with a £0.10 voucher that can be used in the store where the bottle was recycled.

According to Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker, they have received encouraging public support after their announcement to eradicate plastic packaging. They are the first to take a decisive action by bringing the reverse vending machine to stores after the government announced its support for the deposit return scheme. The company has taken the proper steps following consultations with suppliers and understanding customer behaviour and response.

It is absolutely important to act now in order to reduce if not eliminate plastic pollution that is killing dolphins, choking turtles and degrading the environment. The trial scheme of Iceland has received support from businesses that want a better state for the environment.

A high quality logistics provider will check the working order of a machine before vending machine delivery service is called to perform the task. Vending machines are usually specialized with new technologies and digital displays. They need a logistics provider that will take all the necessary precautions during delivery.