Rodents Threaten Milwaukee And Other Metropolitan Areas

Rodents seek shelter in warm and insulated places during winter. More often, these places are homes and businesses. When foods are kept properly in sealed containers, rodents will chew on wooden door and furniture including electrical wires. If you notice rodent activity in the home, the best solution is to call professional pest control in Sydney to provide safe and effective treatment.

According a report issued by pest control company Orkin, Milwaukee and other metropolitan areas in Wisconsin are among the “Top 50 Rattiest Cities” in the United States. They are not on top of the list but according to National Pest Management Association; more than 20 million rodents invade homes and businesses annually.

The start of the rodent season is fall and as the weather gets colder, they seek shelter, food and water inside homes and businesses. It is very easy for rodents to enter homes and businesses through holes, cracks and crevices. Once the rodents have entered a home or a store, they can contaminate food and transmit pathogens through their urine and feces. Homeowners and businesses must be mindful of the health and safety risks of a rodent infestation inside the property.

The sooner those rodents are detected, the easier will be pest management. Rodents can be detected through droppings, burrows and rub marks along baseboards and walls. Once detected, it is important to seek the services of pest control providers that will provide a safe and effective solution.

Pest control technicians will make an inspection of the entry points outside the home. It is very likely for rodents to enter through cracks and holes in areas that are hidden from view, dark, warm and difficult to reach. Trees and bushes must be cut back at least 3 feet from homes and businesses so that rodents will not be provided with a jump off point to gutters and other hidden openings.

Accurate inspection and treatment reports will be provided by pest control in Sydney after they have completed rodent control and management of your home and business. Industries like food manufacturing and hospitality will gain benefits from the professional advice provided by experienced pest control technicians.