Rules To Follow When Choosing a Domain Name

When choosing a domain name, much consideration must be taken since it is basically the same as choosing a company name. Remember that the domain name serves as your address in the online world and that is what people are going to use to find you and identify you. For this reason, you must choose a domain that would fit you and one that you can easily promote.

Here are rules you should be following when choosing a domain name.

  1. List Related Keywords Down. What you can first do when choosing a domain name is to list down phrases or terms that go well with the type of service you are offering then choose 5 that you are sure you can use. Afterwards, add prefixes or suffixes to these words and choose one that can best fit your company. Don’t forget to play around with these words until you find something good.
  2. Focus on Uniqueness. The domain name you choose must stay away from other existing domains. You may find it difficult if you choose a domain name that sounds familiar with an already established one. You might end up confusing people as well as getting legal problems.
  3. Dot Com Names are Preferable. If you are concerned with getting brandable domain names, great traffic and even recognition, it would be best that you choose dot-com available domains. Most people still think that dot-com (.com) is all that is out there.
  4. Easy to Type, Easy to Remember. Make your domain name striking but easy to type so that people don’t get frustrated with typing your domain name. Doing this would be good for marketing as people would be able to remember your domain much easier when they share it with their friends via word of mouth.
  5. Stay Away from Hyphens and Numbers. Domain names with hyphens and numbers perform poorly in the search rankings and they are not easily remembered.
  6. Avoid Copyright Infringement. If you don’t want your website shut down, you would best be following this.
  7. Incorporate Your Brand. Choosing to include your brand in your domain name can greatly help your company. Branded names are more striking to consumers than those that aren’t.