Small Businesses Turning To DIY SEO

Based on the latest survey, many small businesses are aware of the importance of performing SEO but only 36 per cent have adapted a strategy and making use of it. The survey was conducted among 529 small businesses that participated. These are businesses with staff between 1 and 50+. The figure was quite disconcerting according to p w d because many small businesses are not reaping the benefits of SEO.

Aside from the 36 per cent already using SEO, 23 per cent of business expressed interest to employ SEO this year while another 15 per cent said that they are planning to use it in 2020 or the years to come after that. There is no assurance though that these intentions are going to come true. A survey conducted last year revealed that 44 per cent of businesses are investing in SEO. The latter survey, however, have large companies that participated.

A more shocking revelation is that 54 per cent of small businesses are turning to in-house staff to perform SEO. A considerable number of minority, 42 per cent, said that they have hired freelancers and consultants that are expert in SEO. An additional 28 per cent admitted to hiring a company that offer SEO services. Another 50 per cent said that they are utilizing tools and software intended for SEO.

A majority of the small businesses, an overwhelming 80 per cent, said that they are confident with the SEO strategies they are employing albeit self-assessed. Doubts were raised after these companies mention social media marketing as part of their SEO practices which cover 63 per cent of the total small businesses questioned. Over 50 per cent said that they are focusing on creating a website that is mobile friendly while other are using research or tagging as a tool.

Small businesses are also monitoring the success of their SEO strategy through a number of ways – web traffic (25 per cent), leads and conversions (19 per cent), backlinks with quality (14 per cent), keyword (13 per cent), impressions (13 per cent), engagement on the site (12 per cent) and to the dismay of p w d there are still 4 per cent SMBs that admitted they are not tracking.