Struggling To Figure Out Which Type Of Service Your Car Needs? Look No Further!

It can be argued that a process by which a car is serviced is one of the most important things that a buyer of a car should know. After all it is his/her car that is being serviced. This process consists of five steps that can ensure that the car is in top condition. In Australia, these services generally consist of a top to bottom checking of the individual components of the car. In Brisbane particularly, the process involves everything from checking and topping up all the oils and fluids, right up to changing the tyres in Brisbane, on a regular basis. Given below is a shortened version of the entire process.

There are generally two types of car services. There is the minor car service and the major car service. The minor car service is generally undertaken once every 10000 to 15000 kilometres, and the major service is undertaken after every 35000 to 40000 kilometres. Hence it is generally considered a rule of thumb that after every two minor car services, the car is taken for a major service. The minor car service generally includes checking the oilsand fluids of the car such as the brake fluids and the air conditioning fluids. It also checks that the battery is at its finest, and checks some mechanical components such as the transmission and steering. Finally, the car’s tyres are also checked along with the windscreen wipers.

The major car service includes a few more checks which includes a safety inspection, engine checks and a repacking of the wheel bearings. Also during this service, the tyres can be swapped for the other types of tyres in Brisbane, depending on the weather. For the winter season, studded wheels may be preferred, and for the summer, smooth noiseless tires are preferred.

The difference in price point is not too great. The minor car services will cost at least $140, but the major car service depends on the brand of the car and the specifications of the type of service. As for the duration of the servicing, the minor service can be done in as fast as one and a half hours, whereas the major service can take an entire business day.