Sydney Science Park Approved For Construction

For those who worry that there may too many office signs in Sydney and not enough of other infrastructure, fret not. A new proposal has just been approved that will add a sprawling project that has the potential to turn Western Sydney into a beacon of R&D, technology and future-minded innovation.

The proposal for the Sydney Science Park was approved for development recently. The project is slated to create a wide, sprawling area with room for education, technology, innovation, and housing, as well as providing jobs for Sydney residents.

The Sydney Science Park is to be a high-tech amalgamation of employment, education and housing projects and is capable of creating over 12,000 jobs as well as holding 3,400 homes, all on top of providing a near-ideal, high quality environ for research and development.

At the heart of the city, there is to be a town centre, with wide open space approximating to 80 hectares. The park will also contain additional area for research and education, as well as student accommodation alongside the aforementioned 3400 homes.

The approval of the planning proposal for Sydney Science Park will alter on-site planning, which will allow for differing types of development on site, with an additional advantage of allowing for a height limit of eight stories maximum.

A Department of Planning and Environment spokesperson has stated that the Sydney Science Park will, hopefully, function as a prosperous employment and residential hub for students, as well as residents and workers, given its location in the Western Sydney Employment Area; the city’s largest and fastest growing employment area.

Expectations are that it will help to secure jobs over the following 3 decades; approximating in the 60,00 range, and more after the total completion of development.

The NSW Government has expressed its interest in seeing the project through, due to past statistics that show that the Western Sydney accounted for a large chunk of the increase in the NSW labour force, which started around the year 2011.

The Department of Planning and Environment has stated that their intention with the project is to provide jobs close to home for the citizens of Western Sydney, who number in excess of two million.

In time, hopefully, the office signs in Sydney will light up alongside homes, research labs and universities in Sydney Science Park.