Taiwan Increases Subsidies To Improve Preschool Educational System 

Most parents belong to the nation’s workforce so that most 3 to 5-year old children attend preschool or daycare facilities on a regular basis. The high quality of early childhood education from Anaheim Preschool will have a positive influence on the child’s development and readiness for elementary school because valuable educational and social experiences will be provided.

Premier Su Tseng-chang of Taiwan announced 3 measures that will improve the country’s preschool educational system. Starting August, the government will launch projects that will increase the number of kindergarten schools to ease the burden among young families. There is also an accompanying budget increase from NT$9.5 billion (US$305 million) to about NT$40 billion so that the nation’s birthrate can be increased. Subsidies will also be increased for child rearing.

There will be a transition mechanism for private kindergartens to become semi-public. A child-rearing subsidy will provide parents who have 3 or more children a total of NT$42,000 as financial assistance per month up to the time that the children turn 5.

Current subsidy rules provide qualified parents of children with ages up to 5 years old that stay at home or attend private daycare centers with monthly subsidy of NT$2,500 per child. Parents of children who attend public daycare centers receive monthly subsidy of NT$3,000 per child.

In order to improve the preschool environment, that government has plans of providing a subsidy of NT$400,000 to daycare centers and preschools so that they can purchase a kindergarten shuttle bus. There are also measures to replace 400 shuttle buses per year.

Part of the government measures is adding 3,000 classes for both semi-public and public kindergartens with the next 8 years to achieve 80,000 slots nationwide. Help will also be provided to private kindergartens to become semi-public and cap tuition fees to NT$4,500. The government investment in preschool education is expected to benefit 800,000 children aged 2 to 5.

High quality early childhood education is provided by Anaheim Preschool to appropriately develop the minds and attitudes of children. The early experiences that children gain from preschool will shape their perceptions of the world and their attitudes towards learning. Children gain self accomplishment and self confidence in the preschool classroom.