Team Building And Autonomy Essential For Commonwealth Endodontics

It was 1997 when Commonwealth Endodontics was established and currently its empire is twice as big as when it all started. Recently, the businesses opened two more additional offices – the first one is in Mechanicsville while the other one is in Henrico County’s western region. The main reason for the success is that it follows the principle of team building companies wherein every employee including the seven specialty doctors participate.

It is one of the leading endodontics companies in all of Virginia because of its four different locations. All of the partners who are working for the business have previously served as an army in the armed forces.

The specialty of Commonwealth Endodontics is that it treats diseases as well as injuries that affect the soft tissues which are found inside the teeth. They are the ones that perform a number of procedures such as microsurgeries, root canal therapies, dental traumas treatment and repairing cracked teeth.

According to the practice administrator, Guylyn Diamond, she considers their team to be an amazing group with vision along with the right values. Their main vision is to be known as the premier endodontic company in all of commonwealth through giving their patients the best care possible. She added that there is a welcoming environment in their workplace because they put emphasis on open communication that is done in a personal and kind manner. They do not employ micromanagers but rather ever employee is given the autonomy to perform their jobs properly.

Their employees are enjoying many benefits including a days off with pat for the first three months, a yearly allowance of $200 for their work attire, health care premiums worth $360, nine days of paid vacation and a 401(k) package which is given after being employed for a year.

Their entire calendar year is packed with team building events which help employees have balance between work and their personal lives. This is something that team building companies have emphasized as it helps workers enjoy some time outside of their workplace. Their team building activities ranges from scavenger hunts to self-defence classes to shooting ranges.