Tesla’s Solar Roofs That Look Fit For A Television Set

One Friday evening, as the sun descended on an old Hollywood TV set for “Desperate Housewives” Elon Musk took to the stage and casually told the crowd about Tesla’s big secret. It wasn’t until the last few minutes of his presentation that Musk asked the crowd if they noticed the solar houses at the artificial suburban. Of course, everybody said no because the roofs did not look like they can carry electric current.

The solar homes had slate and Spanish clay roofs that looked fit for a television set. People can expect solar roofs to look like glass because they are actually made from textured glass that resemble ordinary shingles but allows light to pass from above into the standard flat solar cell. According to Tesla, tempered glass is as strong as steel and it can withstand the onslaught of elements for years. Tempered glass can also be fitted with heating elements that will melt snow when the climate is cold. Musk says that the glass will never be worn out because it is made from quartz that has a quasi-infinite lifetime.

According to Musk, the tiles are comparable to high efficiency solar panels. The current prototypes that the Tesla engineers are working with will reduce the efficiency of the underlying solar cell by 2% but with further refinement, the microscopic louvers that are responsible for the opacity of the tiles can actually be used to boost the efficiency of the standard photovoltaic cells.

At the presentation at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles, the audience was treated to a glimpse of the future where a house is topped with sculpted Tuscan solar tiles that stores energy into two sleek wall-hung Powerwall batteries for nighttime electricity. However, since Tesla is involved in the innovation, it is not surprising to find a Model 3 prototype electric car parked out front.

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