Thailand And Cambodia Working Towards The Good Of Migrant Workers

It is not easy to get employed in your own country therefore finding work in a foreign land proves to be more challenging above all. Even successful entrepreneurs have to abide with rules when it comes to company formation in Thailand or else they will be kicked out of the country. In a recently concluded international conference held in Siem Reap in Cambodia, two countries made it a priority to highlight the rights of migrant workers.

The dialogue occurred between the countries Thailand and Cambodia in order to eliminate the cases of human trafficking. The conference was made possible with the support of an Italian humanitarian NGO called the Civil Volunteer Group. The event was held in Hotel Angkor Miracle and it lasted for two days. The theme of the conference is all about cross border cooperation. It tackles the root of the system which are the policies and how it is implemented to make sure human trafficking between these two nations will be eliminated.

Majority of migrant workers from Cambodia are still traveling to Thailand. This is based on the data released by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training in Cambodia wherein around 1.2 million citizens are working in a foreign land and 92 per cent of them have gone straight to neighbouring Thailand.

According to a figures released for 2017, there are around 73 per cent Cambodians who are able to work in Thailand but they were able to get through using an illegal channel. This is why many have become victims of exploitation as well as workplace abuse.

The conference was graced with the presence of senior representatives from Thailand and Cambodia. Royal Thai Police’s superintendent, ChoosakApaipakdi was present along with the Cambodia’s NCCTchairperson, Chou Bun Eng.

There were also representatives from international institutions such as the delegation of the EU to Cambodia, Camilla Lombard, SaravuthTha who is from UN-ACT Cambodia, UN-Women Cambodia, Tith Lim, minister counselor of EU to Cambodia, Franck Viault, and VornVeth who is a representative from ILO Cambodia.

The goal of the conference is to make sure migrant workers are protected. They must have the same rights as business owners processing company formation in Thailand regardless of their social standing and influence.