The Decline Of The Standard Of English Courses

Though the British has long since left the country of India, there is no denying that the growth of the English language continues to increase as well as its popularity and has even reached the point where it is considered as official language in a subsidiary level. It comes as no surprise that in multilingual nation, English serves as the link or bridge among different languages. Nowadays, there is an evident decline when it comes to learning as well as teaching of the English language. According to the all-India coordinator of the English Language Training Institutes Support Scheme, Professor K Venkat Reddy, educators must be given the proper training if the country desires to have the English education improve once more.

He was also asked regarding the current standard of the English language in India and he said that the English education can be generally divided into three types based on the area. First, it is considered fairly well in cosmopolitan cities and sometimes considered as a first language. Second, it is considered as the second language in districts. Third, it is still considered a foreign language by the students in many rural areas.

When asked what could be done to improve the teaching of English, Professor Reddy said that the first thing that the educators will need is proper training. Many of the government teachers have below standards when it comes to English speaking skills and change will not occur unless they are trained properly. Another thing that should be done is changing the medium of instructions to English in all higher level institutions from the vernacular. This way, rural parents will not be encouraged to send their children to private schools that teach mediocre English yet charges very high fees.

When asked if additional English and foreign language institutions are needed, Professor Reddy said that training institutes are necessary more than the universities. The English language is considered to be an asset and it has divided the nation into two – those who speak English and those who don’t. For educators planning to teach English as a foreign language, learn more about Entrust TEFL.