The Effect Of Phuket’s Hotel And Condo Act

If someone decides to tap into the investment offered by, it is completely legal for them to manage the hotel as if it were a condominium as long as they comply and meet all the requirement, regulations and the laws surrounding it.

Lately, there are a lot of controversy that were opened up because of the decision to shut down all condominiums that are operating like hotels without license and are not complying with the law. The very people who are complaining about the authorities’ lack of action are the same ones who reacted negatively after hearing about the crackdown of an obvious violation.

Confusion has been created between the distinction of condominiums and hotels and it can be greatly attributed to social media and the internet. Many people believe whatever they read online without researching further which is far too often the reason why common sense is ruled by rumors instead. All they need to know about operating a condominium like a hotel in a legal manner can be obtained from the authorities but many managers do not have the common sense to ask while some took a risk on their own choosing.

The Condominium act did not cover the use of hotels while the Hotel Act does not cover the fact regarding condominium being managed as a hotel. It is not prohibited at all for a condominium to be operated as a hotel just as long as it follows the logical process but it must start at the construction phase.

First, the condo must possess the legal environment consent which is usually a survey in the form of Environmental Impact Assessment. Upon planning the condominium, the developer and environmental consultant must take into consideration the fact that it will be used as a hotel later on. Careful planning is required when it comes to the health and safety, sewage, car parking and design of the lift.

If one chooses to invest in a condo at, it is important to ask the developer whether they have complied with the following rules and regulations before the condo is operated as a hotel in order to avoid legal misunderstandings.