The Profitable Business Of Selling Fake Ids To Students

At the University of Buffalo, students pay hundreds to get Fake IDs from Joseph Clay (not his real name). Clay started the illegal business during his first semester at the university. He knew it was illegal and he could land in prison if caught. For close to 3 years, Clay sold hundreds of the fake identification cards to students every month.

Clay could no longer count the number of fake ID’s that he made for students but according to a Spectrum survey, 33% of 273 students from UB admitted that they have used fake ID’s to be admitted to bars and clubs and purchase alcohol. Those who do not know Clay buy their fake ID’s from dealers or websites. Others simply borrow the ID’s of friends who are more than 21 years old. Students told Spectrum that they pay as much as $250 for a single fake ID even if the average cost is only $75.

According to UPD Deputy Chief Joshua Sticht, fake ID’s are considered as fraud that can result to criminal charges but most students easily get away with warning because of the widespread use of fakes. Nearly 70% of students at the University of Buffalo are undergraduates and they will not turn 21 until the junior or senior terms. They do not want to stay home on a Friday night when all their friends are enjoying at bars and clubs.

Clay buys the fake ID’s from online distributors for $50 and offers them for a hundred dollars or more if they order 2 fakes. The policy of online distributors is the bigger the order; the lesser will be the price. Majority of fake ID sales take place in University Heights or off-campus housing like the University Village Sweethome. The biggest orders usually come from fraternities, sororities and dorm floors.

The internet is full of ID maker sites but make sure that you won’t be ripped off. There are ID makers that can provide you with fairly decent Fake IDs that you can buy with confidence. There are lots of reasons why you may need a fake ID but it is important to find one that can pass all security checks.