The Relaxing And Soothing Experience Offered By SUP Yoga

Yoga enthusiasts need to step out of their comfort zone from time to time to enhance their strength and flexibility. One of the most relaxing things that you have to experience inn your life is yoga on a standup paddle board. It is bound to be a great experience because you have to work extra hard on your stability so that you don’t fall off into the water. However, you will eventually fall but that is okay since everybody does.

Yoga has been around for more than a thousand years but it is only recently that yoga is being performed on top of a standup paddle board. Yoga on top of a paddle board makes you fluid as you go with the flow of water and become a part of it. If you are interested to try yoga in the waters, sign up for Stand UP Girl workshop that teaches familiarization with various yoga poses on top of a standup paddle board.

The idea behind the workshop is to promote self-confidence and build self-esteem among girls who will soon be entering the sixth through to the 12 grade this coming school year. Young girls need to find out who they are in order to gain confidence. Yoga can provide the young girls with the ability to put their brain on a different wave pattern. However, there is something different about yoga in a standup paddle board because the uncontrolled environment will allow the application of fundamentals that include balance and stability.

Sylvia Maxwell is one of several certified instructors that offer individual instructions on yoga. With the other instructors, Sylvia has trained professional, semi-professional and amateur athletes to build their strength, flexibility and stability. Beyond the physical fitness, yoga’s biggest asset is the mental aspect.

With SUP Yoga, you will experience the natural splendor of floating in the water but the workout becomes more challenging when the platform is unstable. You have to work harder to keep your balance because if you put more weight on one side, you will fall on the waters. However, SUP Yoga will soothe your mind because listening to the sound of water is extremely relaxing.