Three Questions To Ask A Patent Attorney Before You Hire Them

Inventing a new product takes a lot of research and time. The process of getting a patent for the invention is equally cumbersome and time taking. Many of the first time entrepreneurs do not have an exact idea about how to go about the patent application process.

Hiring the services of registered patent attorneys will help inventors to get proper guidance about How to patent an idea. Experienced patent attorneys can provide timely advice and help entrepreneurs to successfully get the patent granted. However, like any other professionals, it is important to hire reputed and trusted attorneys for dealing with the patent process.

Do some research and ask for recommendations from other inventors to get contacts of trusted patent attorneys in the city. You can also get details of attorneys from, the patent office, trade journals, yellow page directories and from the internet. Once you get contact of some reputed patent lawyers in your city, schedule the initial interview. You should ask the attorney the following questions before you make the final selection.

  1. Technical background of the attorney

The patent attorney should be able to write the specifications of your invention in the patent application form. The attorney should have good technical knowledge in the field of your invention. The lawyer should be able to identify, if the invention is commercially viable and worthy to be patented.

  1. The working style of the attorney

The patent application process is very long and stressful. The client and the attorney have to work like a team in order to complete the process successfully. The patent attorney should have an open channel of communication and be ready to discuss issues with the client. He should be able to provide technical and legal advice whenever required. Hire a patent attorney who’s working style matches with yours.

  1. Details about the team

There are a number of professionals that work with the attorney to complete the patent application process. The team may include, patent search professionals, junior attorneys, patent agents, draftsmen etc. Get information about all these professionals and talk to them.

Patent applications is an expensive and time taking process. Hiring a trusted attorney to help you in the process of How to patent an idea and will help you to complete the process in a successful manner.