Tips In Choosing The Right Team Activities

You can always hire an external facilitator to conduct your team building activities. Having expert facilitators make the activity more effective since these experts understand your requirements and know exactly how to carry them out through team activities. To make the activity work for your organization, the facilitators will ask you to fill out a form where you will indicate your specific requirements and expected output. When you fill out the form, keep the following tips in mind.

Consider the purpose of the activity

Team building events are conducted for various reasons. There are those that hold team building to foster communication among units. There are also those that are designed to promote a more cohesive teamwork while there are those that intend to bring units closer together. No matter what the main goals of the event are, make sure that the team activities support these goals.

Activities that support organizational values

There are times when organizations are too consumed on their goals and deliverables that they forget the core values of the organization. To anchor the organization and as a way of reminding the team members of the core values that the organization upholds, a team building event can be conducted.

Activities for everybody

To ensure that everyone can participate and have fun with the event, choose the type of games and activities that allow everyone’s participation. Think about your team members who may have physical limitations or those with special needs such as pregnant women, newly operated, with health or medical issues and other difficulties. Make sure that they will have their own roles in the games no matter how less it may be due to their conditions.

Suitable for the venue

Lastly, when you think of team activities, make sure that it is suitable for the type of venue you have. For all you know, you might be suggesting indoor activities when you have ample space since your venue is on the beach side. For indoor venue, choose activities that do not require moving around or more props such as chairs and other huge items.