UK’s Most Dangerous Road For Riders Revealed

Latest figures revealed that the second spot for the safest area in the entire United Kingdom is Wales with 357 motorcycle accidents recorded in 2017. The number is 174 higher compared to the area with the top spot which is England’s north eastern part with only 183 accidents. The most dangerous region was London because record shows that it has seen around 3,200 more accidents than Wales. The number is quite alarming especially for businesses like because their main product line is all about motorcycle safety.

Looking at the list of 10 most dangerous roads in the entire United Kingdom, the only road that is not located within London is the A483. It runs the length of Swansea going to Chester and almost the entire area of Powys. It also passes through areas such as Llandrindod Wells, Llanwrtyd and Builth.

Swinton, an insurance firm, said that their analysis of the records from two years ago showed that A483 is found to be on the number seven on the list with the most motorcycle accidents.

The number of accidents found in Wales in 2017 which is 357 was found to have declined by 12 per cent in the following year,

The author of the report said that the fault of many riders is that they allow their vulnerability to be underestimated. In fact, the result was quite disturbing because it was revealed that one in every three accidents involving riders is usually seriously or fatally injured.

The same research showed that majority of the accidents happen on a Friday which means this is not a good day for riders. Saturday was also found to be getting more dangerous based on the data processed every year.

The worst accidents usually happen on a Sunday in the middle of the day which usually happens to riders with motorcycle engines that are beyond 5,000cc. Motorbike clothing specialists working with noted that the report said that 83 per cent of the accidents happen even when the weather is good. This backs up the fact that riders need proper clothing and gear even when they are not riding professionally.