Useful Tips When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Many old floors can be sanded after removing the carpets that covered them to reveal the wood that is hidden beneath. Three stages comprise floor sanding in Sydney that include preparation, sanding and coating using a protective sealant. However, sanding can remove the natural patina of the hardwood floor and change its character.

A homeowner can have a stunning sofa or beautiful colour on the wall but hardwood flooring is usually the more interesting. According to interior designer ElinaCardet, the visual base for every design choice is the flooring. In order to create a home that is beautiful, durable and comfortable, it is important to choose the flooring properly.

A wide variety of flooring options are available today for homeowners. There are synthetic versions of the hardwood flooring that are less expensive. The synthetic wood products look lovely and they have the look and feel of natural wood. However, in terms of durability and longevity, the best choice is still the hardwood flooring that has been harvested from well-managed forests.

When choosing the style of hardwood flooring, wide plank floors are now the trend because they have fewer joints than the narrower planks. The opportunity to expand and contract over time is greatly reduced. Sometimes, an occasional crack may appear but it can be easily repaired using wood putty and re-stained. However, the wider wood planks are more expensive.

When there is a need to create contrast and draw attention to the beauty of the grain, wood is cerused. The process involves sanding the wood, putting white paint on it and sanding it again. The result will be a smoky look. Gray is a popular choice today but be very careful because the gray floor may turn to green. Floors usually receive a lot of sunlight which changes their colour and appearance.

Using a carpet to cover minor flaws on the wood flooring is no longer popular because of the concerns over air quality and dust. An option is floor sanding in Sydney that can change the look of the hardwood flooring. It is common for flooring installers to offer the service of floor sanding as well as restorations and repairs.