Virtual Credit Card Replacement Through Barclay Card

There are unavoidable circumstances in your life that you can do without like losing the credit card. A replacement may not be received immediately and you end up without any means to pay. Barclay in UK has recently announced a new service that provides instant virtual replacement for a lost credit card followed by a real card replacement.

The service is offered free with a Barclay card app. You can call the contract center to report the lost card and a virtual replacement can be downloaded to the smartphone. This will allow you to pay straight away for your purchases. This will help you avoid the embarrassment of not having any means to pay in the store. The virtual replacement card will allow you to pay for transactions up to $30 using contactless option. Customers with Android Contactless mobile need to enter the PIN to pay for transaction up to $100 using the touch and go technology.

Credit cards are now being used by most people to pay for everything from a morning coffee to an evening meal but if you do not take extra care in the use of the credit card it can lead to potentially awkward situations. According to Tami Hargreaves, the commercial director of digital consumer payments at Barclay Card, contactless spending has reached over a billion pounds monthly and many people may not even be witnessing the beginning of the end for the bar tab as they currently know it.

According to a recent research conducted by Barclay Card, almost a 6th of the 21 to 55 years olds who were surveyed revealed that they have forgotten their credit card or debit card behind a bar. About 50% have realized that they have misplaced or lost the credit card after they tried to pay something. The new Barclay Card app will help people avoid those red face situations.

If used properly, credit cards can become a convenient solution to pay for purchases from both physical and online stores. In order to be properly informed on the right use of credit cards and avoid a disastrous situation, visit