What Does A Cartography Illustrator Do

Cartography is equivalent to map making which gathers geographical data and converts them into maps. A map is a graphical presentation of the pictures of all the features of places.

With the development of cartography, a Cartography illustrator has grown with modern technology. If you are passionate about maps, this job fits you. Being a Cartography illustrator means pouring out your time for long hours on the maps.

What does a Cartography illustrator do? Because of the wide application of computer technology, the work of cartographers has changed and even with the other occupations. The making of a map is now computerized. Maps are popularly used in the computer field such as on a smartphone, in a geographical information system, and on a web page as well as in printed document.

Cartography illustrator designs and produces a variety of mapping products such as large-scale maps, globes, maritime charts, route diagrams, transport maps, street maps, atlases, specialist maps, and statistical maps that serve their purposes. Digital maps used on smartphones and computer screens account for a huge part of the different maps that are made. The conventional map that is in a printed form is no longer popular nowadays. The usage of digital maps on the internet has paved the way of alternative means of geographic visualization as well as modern types of cartography which include 3D imagery, web maps, fly-throughs, and car navigation method as well as hyperlinked and interactive maps.

Although technology has developed rapidly, cartography illustrators still need the same qualifications on the basic skills and knowledge of designing and making maps. Cartographers gather geographical information and ensure the best way of presenting their project to their clients whether it is a digital or paper map.

Good illustrators have keen eyes for details, are thorough, patient, and understands the importance of accuracy. They are creative, computer literate, passionate about graphics design, and technically minded. Moreover, they must have an excellent sense of geography so they can create meaningful maps.

To be a skilled cartography illustrator, you must be interested and enthusiastic about geographical data and maps. There is a wide variety of subjects to challenge you, thus, it is essential that you keep yourself updated with the modern illustration technology.