What Is Similan Islands Liveaboard Diving

Many diving enthusiasts are quite unfamiliar with the liveaboard idea. They feel that diving on a liveaboard is a difficult thing and only expert divers can do it. Some divers do local day tours only and prefer returning to their hotels at night which most expert don’t do because it is during evenings that they can feel the beauty of nature.

Many divers in Similan islands liveaboard have the opportunity to dive in more remote areas and often find more wonderful and exciting dive sites. They spend the evenings closer to nature and out on the open seas star-gazing while being away from the busy crowd. Cabins on Similan islands liveaboard are all air-conditioned and comfortable. Tasty foods are plentiful. One good thing about being in a liveaboard is that you come to know more groups of divers whom you can share similar dive experiences with. Theliveaboard life can be considered as a totally relaxing and enjoyable activity where you do nothing but eat, dive, and sleep which is a reality. You can also have the chance to visit other islands and explore them for your next diving trip.

Different kinds of divers can join the Similan islands liveaboard trip each with various backgrounds and dive experiences. While some liveaboards to other places like Komodo and Burma may be recommended for those divers with more experiences, liveaboard in Similan islands is perfect for all diving lovers. Getting an advanced certification while on board a liveaboard is a great idea for PADI water divers. All boats can extend this certification. You can get 14 dives that include a night dive in a usual 4-day trip. This may look like a numerous number of diving, but you also have long surface intervals which makes a liveaboard tour relaxing and rewarding. There is an instructor or a dive master in all dives unless you will be diving as a group. There are dive sites that are difficult to navigate, and extra care is needed for safety. In this situation, your experience and guide’s knowledge can be useful.

Liveaboard diving in Similan islands is a fantastic activity that lets you enjoy the wonders of the underworld. Doing it as a group can be more fun while learning from each other and ensuring safety because you can look after one another under the water.