When Do You Need To Bring Your Child To A Children’s Podiatrist In Sydney

Children grow so fast and their feet grow fast as well. Yet, many parents do not have the idea when their children are experiencing pain in their feet and when they should see and consult a podiatrist. This is partly because some children do not express the pain they feel or just ignore them and parents just don’t see any symptoms as yet.

A podiatrist is a health professional who can evaluate and treat problems of the feet, toes, ankles, and lower leg areas. You can see a children’s podiatrist in Sydney in their private clinics or at the hospital. You can go directly to a podiatrist without a referral from a general doctor, though you can go anytime to a GP for an initial consultation.

Signs when you need to see a podiatrist:

  1. Toenail problems

When your toenails are fine, you probably will not give a second thought of them. But even a toenail which is just a small part of your child’s feet can be a cause of alarm if it is ingrown or infected. An ingrown or infected toenail is a sign for you to bring your child to a podiatrist. This also goes with thickened or oddly-shaped toenails because they can indicate fungus in the area.

  1. Warts

Warts are common issues in children which often appear on their feet. Warts occur because of HPV which can be contracted through direct contact with someone who has cracks or cuts.

  1. Curly Toes

Curly toe is a condition where the toes bend over. It is considered a genetic issue and can be attributed to tight tendons. However, sometimes, curled toes can improve as your kid grows.

  1. Lower leg pain

Pain in the foot or lower leg can indicate a serious problem which should not be ignored. Although sometimes, it is only part of a child’s growth, referring them to a podiatrist is an ideal thing to do to ensure that everything is alright.

  1. Flat feet

Feet that are extremely flattened at an early age of your child is a cause for alarm. A podiatrist must be consulted to evaluate this issue.

  1. Trouble walking

If you see your child walks on tiptoes and struggles in walking, you need to see a podiatrist immediately. These symptoms can indicate deeper problems if not attended to at once.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of feet and lower leg problems are important for parents to be able to address the issue at an early stage by seeing a podiatrist to avoid more problems in the future.