Zimbabwe Assures Visitors That They Will Not Be Affected By The Removal Of Multi-Currency System

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority announced that the removal of the multi-currency system from the economy will not affect visitors to the country. Zimbabwe is a popular tourist destination in Africa and if you have plans to visit the country, you better check Currency Exchange whether you can buy Zimbabwe dollars before you travel.

In order to bring normalcy to their economy, Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube replaced the multi-currency system with the local unit account RTGS$/ZWL for local transactions. Regulations are meant for any transaction within Zimbabwe where it is prohibited to use foreign currency in hard cash.

Legal tender will be in Zimbabwe dollars whether cash or electronic form and it will not negatively affect travelers’ especially foreign visitors. Credit cards will still be accepted in Zimbabwe because relevant arrangements have been made with international credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard and those issued by banks in the traveler’s country of origin.

Visitors must make all the necessary arrangements with their banks before they travel to Zimbabwe. Once they reach their destination, they need to look for the logos of their respective credit cards. Terms and conditions in the credit card use will apply and all transactions made will be subjected to the limits provided by the bank.

Visitors can use ATMs to withdraw cash in local currency through their internationally-accepted credit cards. The machines are clearly marked international with the accepted logos of credit card companies. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, exchange bureaus and authorized foreign currency dealers at prevailing bank rates.

Visitors are encouraged to use plastic money and exchange only an amount they expect to spend in the country. There is no truth to the rumors that police are authorized to stop people and search them for foreign currency. Possession of foreign currency is not prohibited but for transactions, the foreign currency must be converted to Zimbabwe dollars.

To avoid the hustle of exchanging your dollars at a tourist destination, a better option is Currency Exchange before travelling. For your convenience, there are online foreign currency exchange services online that can provide the best rates for the lowest fees.